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Hello everyone, here is a blog about me but especially about the different projects I did, with all the sources and files that I made / used :).

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11Jan 2015

Trying to Make a Tiny NFC Reader with a TRF7970A

Want a free board? Read below!

NFC board

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06Dec 2014

First Steps with the ESP8266-03 Development Board

A fun afternoon project with two platforms...

fun with the esp8266s

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27Nov 2014

A Development Board for the ESP8266-03

A Wifi platform for $3... who wouldn't want to play with it?


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07Oct 2014

Using a Standard Coil for NFC Tag Implant Reading

Who knew it'd be possible to use this coil to read NFC tags?

NFC reader PCB

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04Aug 2014

Video Series - Touring Electronics Markets in Shenzhen

What's the point in going to Shenzhen if it's not to visit the electronics markets?

Electronics market

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30Jul 2014

Video Series - Touring Factories in Shenzhen

During the month of July I was visiting Beijing and had an extra 10 days to spare. What to do? Well it took me less than a few minutes to decide to go the wonderful city that is Shenzhen...

Shenzhen Assembly Line

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15Jun 2014

My Business Card v2

At the end of this month, I'll be leaving my current job. I therefore thought it'd be a nice occasion to build a new business card for my future interviews:

Business card v2

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24Apr 2014

Easy-phi Project: High Speed Logic Gate

Next in our Easy-Phi articles series is the High Speed Logic Gate board:

Logic gate board

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30Mar 2014

A Personal Perspective on Managing an Open Hardware Project

I'm sure you must have noticed by now that during these last months I didn't put many projects on this blog. This is mainly because I'm currently working on the Mooltipass project, an offline password keeper idea I launched last december.
I've written articles on Hackaday about the technical aspects of this project, but none about my personal experience managing a team of contributors from all over the globe. I feel it's something that only has its place on my blog, so here we go...

Mooltipass prototype

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09Jan 2014

The Updated Bill of Materials and Stock Management Tool

Stock management and Bill of Materials generation are usually neglected when it comes to making projects, so I updated a tool I made a while back...

BoM generator

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02Jan 2014

Easy-phi Project: Low Cost Dual Discriminators

In physics experiments, it is often required to detect any kinds of electrical signals. That's why we developed this module:

Univ input

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06Nov 2013

The Beast: Who Needs an OS Anyways?

In this article, I'll present you 'the beast': a cortex M4-based platform that has plenty of communication interfaces and to which you can connect a lot of different peripherals:

Beast with peripherals

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09Oct 2013

Easy-phi project: the template module

Next in our Easy-phi descriptions: the template module.


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29Sep 2013

Entering the CNC world with a probotix fireball

After having borrowed my work's CNC so many times, I figured it would be better if I bought one :-)

fireball V90

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19Sep 2013

Easy-phi project: the rack and its backplane

So I'm sure that after the previous post where I presented the easy-phi project, you'd like to see the actual hardware. So we're going to start with the rack:

Easyphi rack small

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09Aug 2013

Making the electronics for a $7 USD doppler motion sensor

I had no idea that you could find this kind of motion sensors on the internet for so cheap... But they come with a catch: you need to design some electronics for them.

PCB Back

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02Aug 2013

The easy-phi project: a new platform for experimenters

Hello everyone,
In this post, I will present a new open hardware project we are working on at my work....

Big rack

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21Jun 2013

The whistled: from whistle to sound recognition (and also some reminders for tinkerers out there)

Once again, here is a short video to show off a simple sound recognition algorithm implemented on the whistled:

As the platform could already do whistle recognition, I thought it would be nice to implement this nice feature...

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26Apr 2013

The whistled: how to remake a dozen years old project the right way

Hey guys :-)
As the slightly changed adage goes: a video is worth a thousand words:

Interested? Have a look at my tindie page or click below to get more technical details...

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30Mar 2013

Amplifying nanosecond pulses for quantum physics experiments

Have no fear... even if this project sounds complex, you'll easily learn in this article many things about high speed electronics and PCBs.
In fact, my goal here is to teach you some basics about all the new problems that arise when you're dealing with GHz signals :-) .

PCB with cabinet and heatsink

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